It pays to play, and evidently it pays to answer surveys.

“Oh look you have a chance to enter our survey and possibly win $100.”

In this feedback survey age, most shoppers have heard that at least once when reaching for that white strip of thermal cash register tape when checking out at the grocery store, but how many actually think there is a chance at winning anything?

St. John barbershop owner, Kenny Clark was a bit of a doubting Thomas too until a recent letter informed he had won Kroger’s $100 survey giveaway after replying to the “you have a chance,” opportunity.

“I always figure I won’t win anything that way,” he said. “But you get the fuel points for filling out the survey.”

The customer service surveys are printed out randomly on the cash register receipts according to store manager Gina Owens. Customers can get 50 free fuel points for filling out the survey. Shopper’s Club members can accumulate fuel points and use them for discounted fuel prices at Kroger owned gas stations, such as Dillons and Kwik Shops.

“When they fill out the survey, they are automatically entered to win a $100 gift card,” she said. “When he came in and told me that he won, I was just as excited.”

Clark received the letter and gift card in the mail. He said they haven’t spent all the money on it yet, but his wife had been stocking up on canning supplies.

“It was a big surprise,” Clark said. “I usually don’t win anything. I can have somebody sitting on each side of me winning away and I don’t win nothin’.

“It was kind of nice to know that even the little stores out here in the sticks have winners out here and not just in the big cities.”