Five people have been arrested in connection with a two-month investigation into $10 counterfeit bills circulating in the area.

Arrested are: Eugenia Forsey, 40 of Pratt, for counterfeiting and illegal drugs; Johnny Schissler, 44 of Pratt, for counterfeiting and illegal drugs; Jason Hembree, 35 of Pratt, for illegal drugs; Amy Alingh, 18 of Pratt, for illegal drugs; Kyle Hammond, 19 of Pratt, illegal drugs and out-of-county warrant.

During July and August, illegal $10 bills were found at a local business on July 21, a local bank found a counterfeit $10 bill among a business deposit July 26 and a local business reported a customer attempted to give them a counterfeit $10 bill to buy cigarettes on Aug. 4 but the man said he got the bill from another business, said Pratt Police Sgt. Kent Wyatt.

These bills may be related to another case where someone tried to pass a counterfeit bill at Paso Junction.

Officers have heard of other bills that have not been reported, Wyatt said.

As a result of this investigation, a search warrant was issued in the 800 block of North Thompson where evidence of counterfeiting bills and using the bills to purchase illegal drugs was found resulting in another search warrant issued for a home in the 400 block of Holly Street.

That led to another search warrant of a local storage unit. From these warrants officers seized numerous items including counterfeiting items, illegal drugs, weapons, surveillance equipment and stolen property. It also led to the arrests.

Charges are anticipated in the case.