The Park Hills Men’s Association completed its regular league play Tuesday night.

The Park Hills Men’s Association completed its regular league play Tuesday night. In Division 1, Albers/ Henderson held off a furious late-season rally by Shumway/ Meisenheimer to take 1st place. In Division 2, Sewell/ Koler held onto the top spot despite dropping their match to DePew/ Laubhan 10-12. It is believed Sewell/ Koler felt sorry for The Hack and threw a few points his way, but not enough to relinquish their position atop the standings.
In next week’s playoffs, Meigs/Meyers take on Kempton/Stovall for 5th place; Tiesing/ Mason challenge Shumway/ Meisenheimer for 3rd; and Albers/ Henderson will face off against Sewell/ Koler to determine the championship of the entire world.
The rest of the field will play in the first of a series of open scrambles, the events to continue weekly until the time change.
Final standings after week 12, and eggs won during the final matches are as follows:

Division 1
1. Ned Albers/ Randy Henderson 168
2. Darrell Shumway/ Frank Meisenheimer 166
3. CL Meigs/ Brian Meyers 159
4. Rick Reber/ Frank Hopkins 152
5. Marion Fiegel/ Eldon Ford 141
6. John Mathes/ Jim Lewis 126
7. Kenton Ladenburger/ Larry Myers 122
8. AC Boland/ Don Hommertzheim 107
9. DeWayne Bryan/ Vince Wilczek 96
10. Casper/ Whitey 83

Division 2
1. Mike Sewell/ Mike Koler 150
2. Rodger Tiesing/ Kelly Mason 142
3. Bruce Kempton/ James Stovall 139
4T. Jack Galle/ Jeff Shumway 137
4T. Dillon Ezell/ Dru Lammle (Yr) 137
4T. Neil DePew/ Frank Laubhan 137
7. Don Peters/ Kelly Garretson 126
8T. Bill Skaggs/ Tyler Skaggs 121
8T. Scott Strong/ Dan Gillig 121
10. Shade/ Specter 102

Eggs won 8- 13-13:

Division 1
CL Meigs #16 (2)
Frank Meisenheimer #17 (3)
Frank Meisenheimer #18 (3)

Division 2
Scott Strong #11 (3)
Jack Galle #14 (2)
Bill Skaggs #17 (4)