Exercising in the early moning Earlier this summer there was an article in the News about the new owner of the local fitness gym. I will admit that I know where it is located but have never drove, walked or crawled by. You may not believe this but I am not allergic or afraid of a fitness center. Looking at me, you may wonded about that. So why don't I go to the fitness center? I'm wore out from all the exercise I get daily. I deliver to a suburb of northwest Denver. The customer wants a 6 AM delivery. In the wee hours in the morning, I drive down the streets to get there. I first pass a big YMCA with a glass front. People are running on treadmills and lifting weights. Two blocks down the street is a shopping center with another fitness club. On the other side of the shopping center is where the customer is located. I park on the street in front of the alley that I will have to back into. Working on getting the load ready for the cutomer, I start unstraping and tarping. Next thing you know is a group of people running down the alley. Yes there is another fitness center next door to the customer. I watch as most of these young people run are in really good shape. Then the token overweight guy is trying to keep up with girls. Huffing and puffing, he does the best he can. After several trips by my truck, they go back up the alley and into the store. I've had my entertainment for the day and now it's back to work. As I roll up my tarps, I wonder why none of them would stop and help me. Would that be considered work instead of exercise? All I can tell you that rolling up tarps can be great exercise. Do these people that get up early in the morning to exercise have office jobs? Do they play any sports? I also wonder if any of these people use a push mower or a rider? They all look like they are having fun while they exercise. Well maybe not the one overweight guy but that could change if he can catch the women. One of these days I may go by our local fitness center and look in. I will know that I should go in but the other half of my brain will talk me out of it. It will tell me that Bowling is the way to go. You don't have to run after the ball and you can sleep in late. .,