End of summer projects are in full swing in Pratt and various crews are busy as they take advantage of dry weather to get projects complete.

Chief among these projects is the paving of streets, curbs and gutters at the Sandy Creek Addition.

Vogts Parga Construction is tackling the job that began Friday with the pouring of curbs and gutters in the first section of the new addition. A machine was pouring the combination curb and gutter at the same time and was moving smoothly.

Concrete trucks were kept busy as they refilled quickly to keep up with the machine.

The crew anticipates getting curbs and gutters finished in time to start pouring the actual street sometime during the first week of September.

Having a poured street will bring Sandy Creek very close to being ready for construction on the lots.

City utilities have been installed as well as gas lines. Power lines are ready to connect when the first house is built. For years, people interested in building homes have had limited choices in the city. Many have been looking at the development of Sandy Creek as a place to build a home in the future.

"There was a heck of a lot of interest a year ago," said Pratt Public Works Director Russ Rambat.

Building a home at Sandy Creek will be a benefit to the economy. It will add another residence to the tax rolls, it will give a construction crew a job and it may open up anther home in the city if the people building the house already have one in town and want to build a new home.

Also going on at the same time as the curb and gutter project is the chip seal project in the northeast part of the city. Crews spent several days laying down tar then covering it with a layer of chat that was worked in to seal over the old asphalt.

One portion of the project got a different treatment. The asphalt on Maple Street from Oak to Stout was ground up and a new layer was laid down Friday. Maple was blocked off in the sections under construction so crews could get trucks in and out of the area more efficiently.

The weather had not been cooperating but finally the weather forecast was favorable and crews were able to get started.

"It the weather leaves us alone for a week, it should go quickly," Rambat said.

Some time late in September, a KLINK project will pave North Main from First Street to Blaine.

The first 40 feet north of First Street will be paved from shoulder to shoulder to provide a good turning surface for trucks.

For the rest of the project, only the middle 24 feet of North Main Street will be paved, leaving the brick in place on both sides.

The project is expected to take 40 working days to complete and traffic is expected to remain open during the project, Rambat said.

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