Pratt Community College's Electrical Power Lineman Program hosted the Kansas Electric Cooperative Hotline School on Sept. 10 through 12.

PCC hosts the school each September for the Kansas Electric Cooperative, allowing linemen across the state to get additional training.

"This is great not only for the linemen that are out in the field, but also for my guys," said Dave Campbell, EPT program coordinator. "It gives them a chance to rotate with the lineman and observe what they are doing and learn different techniques."

Campbell said the three-day training has a different skill level and allows them to receive hands-on training while refreshing their skills in the lab field. As part of their training, the men work on the lines as if they are hot. Working with others and passing on their knowledge is very important and is helpful to all who attend, Campbell said.

This year 38 linemen are attending the event with 12 companies being represented from all over the state.

EPT offers degrees in applied science and job certification on the PCC campus, Coffeyville Community College campus and in Wichita.

Students will receive training in the classroom and pole and wire training during in the field class training. All students are required to have 400 hours of on the job training during the summer months.

For more information about the Electrical Power Technology Department, contact Campbell at 620-450-2127 or