A friend of mine asked me to write about how the editor was bias. I wasn't sure what he was talking about. I then asked if this was about the County Commissioners. He said it was. How would I know, I am the last person to know what is going on. When it comes to St. John or Stafford County, I get most of my information from the St. John News. I havn't earned the right to sit at Short Stop or any of the coffee shops and give my opinion. I don't know what is going on. Here lately my wife and daughter has been saying "You know" to me. They actually think I should know what is going on and who is related to who. I have forgotten much of which I should have known. What they think I know must be amazing. I do my best to try and remember what they think I should know, but most of the time I don't remember. Now getting back to the County Commissioners and the controversy, I still don't know much. This is much like the election held in Colorado. Two politicians where having a recall vote by the people. The television ads where great. I'm watching TV one evening when this ad comes on saying how evil this man was and how he was the worst person for the state. The next ad was the opposite. This man could do no wrong. He was the best thing that happened to their state. Which ad do you think was accurate? If you're not invovled, it's hard to know. One thing that I do know is Medicine Lodge recently had a Fall cleanup day. Why doesn't Stafford County have a Fall cleanup week? The Spring cleanup is great if it isn't cold and rainy and in April you have a good chance for both. Why can't we have both? That is all I know, you know.