A pair of bale fires on opposite ends of the county and a small grass fire in Pratt kept firefighters busy Sunday and Monday.

High winds and flames kept county and city firefighters busy Sunday and Monday in Pratt and Pratt County.

On Sunday afternoon in northwest Pratt County, a long, tall row of large bales caught fire around the NW 100th Avenue and NW 70th Street area. A possible cause was spontaneous combustion.

The wind pushed the fire north along the entire row of bales destroying the entire row. Firefighters from Byers and Cullison could do nothing to put out the fire and just let it burn.

Pratt Firefighters were called to the Rolla Rena skating rink about 1:30 p.m. Monday to a grass fire behind the structure. Firefighters quickly had the fire out with only grass burned.

Tree branches blowing against an electrical line is a probable cause for the fire, said Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer.

Just as the firefighters were rolling up the hoses at that fire, a call came on another bale fire a mile north and a mile and a half east of Cairo around NE 10th Street and NE 110th Avenue.

The fire consumed from 250 to 300 round bales, set fire to some trees and threatened a CRP field with hundreds of acres and a residence in the trees.

High winds hampered the firefighters as it kept the bales burning and threatening to spread the fire.

Firefighter units from Preston, Township 12, Pratt County Emergency Services and a tanker from Cunningham were on sight for several hours putting out hot spots and keeping an eye on the bales as they burned themselves out.

Spontaneous combustion is a possible cause of the fire.