In which I fix the blame for a government shutdown.

President Obama, the Democrats, and the big, Left-slanting networks will blame Republicans if no bill to extend the deficit is passed, but they ignore a simple truth if they do not pass such a bill, and in fact lie when they blame Republicans.

The US Constitution, Article I, Section 7: “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other bills.”

It’s the job of the House to originate revenue bills, including extending the borrowing limit.  Once they have done that, one of several things can happen:

1.  The Senate can take up the bill, pass it, and send it to the President, who signs it into law.

2.  The Senate can take up the bill, pass it, and send it to the President, who vetoes it.  He has chosen to shut down the government.  The Congress can override his veto, or not.

3.  The Senate can fail to take up the bill, thereby shutting down the government;

4.  The Senate can take up the bill but fail to pass it, thereby shutting down the government.

As long as the House passes a revenue bill which funds the government at some level, they have done their job, and they can not be blamed for shutting down the government.  If their bill defunds Obamacare, the Senate and the President can scream to high heaven, but if they fail to sign what’s left, they are shutting down the government.  It’s their choice.

We the people are subjected to so many word games and scams, but let this be clear: the House is under Republican control, and they have no obligation to pass exactly what the Democrats want.