The closing of Head Start has caused a drop in visits to the Pratt County Health Department.

Debbie McGraw, Pratt County director of Public Health, notified the Pratt County Commissioners of the change during their regular Monday commission meeting.

During a specific time period, the number of visits had dropped from 1,884 to 1,694.

This represents a decrease of 30 children that the county had previously served.

Part of the issue is no shows. The department averages about 16 percent no shows and that tends to be the average at other health departments as well.

In a healthy living area, McGraw told the commissioners about an effort to develop bicycle racks and walking areas was under way.

Robert Torres, Pratt County environmental services director, has received a complaint about a mobile home in Iuka that is infested with mice and rats and is attracting snakes.

Torres said he would contact Iuka Mayor Marsha Giggy about the matter and proceed from there.

Sheriff Vernon Chinn reported that the jail was full over the weekend with a number of people working on serving out sentences. He hit 31 inmates and with the current trends in sentencing, he sees no letup in having a full jail.

David Wiley, director of South Central Kansas Community Corrections, presented a job description for the community service work coordinator.

The position, formerly held by Peggy Lee, is now vacant and the commissioners wanted a job description on paper before attempting to fill the position.

The commissioners will determine the number of hours required for the job while some changes in the description will be needed to meet the county job description style.

An issue of clients riding with the coordinator will be addressed as well.

Jason Winkle, landfill and recycling supervisor, advised the commissioners that the spray truck has some parts that need to be replaced.

The trash vacuum also had some work done on the deck and carburetor. They have been getting vehicles ready for winter and stockpiling dirt.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program director Tiffany Ailstock presented some checks for commissioner's signatures.

Tim Branscom, Pratt County Emergency Manager, said he and emergency managers from four other counties would gather on Oct. 15, 16 and 17 at the Pratt County Fairgrounds to go over their emergency operations manuals item by item until they had updated the manual.

Michelle Daubert, benefit consultant for Solid Financial Solutions requested and received permission from the commissioners to present an insurance policy for cancer benefits. County employees will be notified where they can meet with Daubert. County Clerk Sherry Kruse said at least 10 employees would have to want the policy for the county to take it.

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