Residents in Pratt and surrounding areas have a clearer path to completing a Kansas State University bachelor's degree through Pratt Community College thanks to curriculum agreements between the two institutions.

These agreements, called 2+2s, allow students to complete their first two years at the community college, and their remaining two years completing a bachelor's degree through Kansas State University distance education. Students can complete a bachelor's degree in a variety of disciplines under the agreements currently in place through the partnership.

The university's growing number of 2+2s helps meet a statewide need for more adults to complete a bachelor's degree, contributing to an increasingly educated Kansas workforce. Agreements between Pratt and K-State make the degree more accessible and attainable for area students who are unable to travel to the university's campuses.

"K-State is proud to take a leadership role in addressing access to college degree completion," said Sue Maes, dean of continuing education at the university. "A bachelor's degree not only broadens career opportunities, but also helps improve the contributions individuals can make to the Pratt community."

Through Kansas State University's 2+2 agreements with Pratt Community College, individuals with backgrounds in accounting or business administration can combine course work to achieve a bachelor's in general business. Others concentrating on agribusiness, agricultural power technology, automotive technology or electrical power line technology can complete a bachelor's in technology management. Students pursuing general studies or social work can complete a bachelor's in family studies and human services, while those in psychology can attain either a bachelor's in interdisciplinary social science or family studies and human services.

Kansas State University has 2+2 agreements in place with all 19 Kansas community colleges that lead to bachelor's degrees in general business, technology management and interdisciplinary social science. Many additional agreements are in development.

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