Pratt Community Concert Association turns 75 this year. In celebration of this Diamond Anniversary, the Association will open its first concert of the season with Trio Voronezh at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24 at Pratt Community College Carpenter Auditorium.

The PCCA board invites audience members to show off as much glitter as they please for this special beginning of the Diamond Anniversary season.

"This is a time when all one's sparkly clothes and jewelry may be worn in honor of this celebration," PCCA President Jan Luttrell said.

Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the concert, and special surprises await attendees throughout the evening.

Anyone coming early will find the wait for the main event filled with music of some of Pratt Community College's talented performers. Encore will begin entertaining by 6:15.

Trio Voronezh's first United States tour included performing with the Phoenix Symphony in collaboration with Doc Severinsen and appearing with other major orchestras throughout the U.S., Canada and Russia.

The trio showcases Vladimir Volokhin on the domra, Valerie Petrukhin on a double-bass balalaika, and Sergei Teleshev on the bajan.

A domra is a three-stringed short-necked ancestor of the mandolin. The term bajan refers to a chromatic button accordion with various registers.

Volokhin, Petrukhin and Teleshev have won critical acclaim in their home country of Russia, as well as internationally. The three trained at the Conservatory in Voronezh, Russia, forming this trio in 1993.

They were later discovered playing Bach in a Frankfurt, Germany, subway station and soon had engagements in other countries.

Individual accomplishments include: Volokhin winning the 1986 title of National Champion in the All-Russia Domra Competition; Petrukhin's honored membership in the Sierra Nevada Balalaika Society; and Teleshev's many accordion competition wins, including one at the 2013 U.S. Roland V-accordion festival this summer. By the time of the Pratt concert, he will also have competed in the international V-Accordion festival.

Trio Voronezh has toured the United States several times and now resides in Washington State. Its Pratt audience will be treated to a repertoire that ranges from such classical works as Bach, Vivaldi, and Tchaikovsky to Russian folk songs, gypsy dance music, Argentine tangos, bluegrass and Gershwin melodies.

The trio now has five albums to its credit, including "Peter and the Wolf" with the London Symphony.

Those without season or individual tickets for this concert may purchase them at the door. RSVP offers a ride to and from each concert. Anyone needing this service may contact the RSVP office at 672-7811.

Pratt Community Concert Association is a nonprofit group that specializes in bringing live entertainment to the Pratt area and south central Kansas. All board members and workers are volunteers.