As grade cards go, the renovation at the Ellis Kinney Municipal Pool gets an "A" for the season.

KC Gunite did the restoration work that included removing the entire fiberglass pool liner, replacing four sections of concrete flooring, removing the temporary repairs over cracks in the fiberglass lining, sandblasting the entire pool, removing a portion of the wall separating the kiddies wading pool from the rest of the pool, adding a handicapped water entry chair, painting the entire pool and adding sand to the top edge of the pool to reduce slippage, said Russ Rambat, Pratt Public Works director.

The filtration system at the pool was also reworked. The filters were opened up and the sand along with all the other elements was cleaned out including hair, tanning oil and other elements. Then the sand was changed out of the system and new filters were installed.

All these element upgrades brought the filter system to a better working level.

"The filter system has worked better than it has in many years," Rambat said.

New pipes for the return water system were also put in place to improve the water flow into the pool.

During the upgrade, it was discovered that the original concrete was in better condition than originally anticipated. Once the improvements were made and the pool was cleaned, the entire pool was repainted white with black lines for swim races and a blue edge around the top of the pool.

Standard grade sand was added to the top edge around the pool to provide traction and reduce the possibility of a slip and fall, Rambat said.

Some complained that the sand was too course and caused scrapes and cuts on hands and feet. However, the sand met the industry standard and the few scrapes were worth the trade off.

It is always a concern at the pool that someone could slip and fall especially on the edge coping of the pool. The city wants to make sure that no one is injured at the pool.

"It may be uncomfortable but is provided a much safer surface for the pool," Rambat said.

Other improvements at the pool include using the temporary material from the bottom of the pool used to cover the cracks in the old fiberglass surface.

The material was removed and placed around the walking area around the pool to provide a safer walking material that was also much cooler on bare feet.

The exterior of the bathhouse walls were also painted a bright blue with a variety of stylized fish. Pratt High School art teacher Kerry Thieme and some PHS art students did the artwork that got several compliments.

"It was a nice addition to the bathhouse. She should be highly commended," Rambat said.

More work is planned for the pool. Next season more work will be done on the deck including grinding out some joints, resealing those joints and replacing some metal hardware on the diving boards.

Sometime this winter, the city wants to get in touch with the engineer that did this project and lay out a long-range plan for the pool.

That could include replacing the bathhouses and possibly adding an office where lifeguards and the pool manager could have training session.

Upgrading the restroom areas to make them more ADA compatible is also on the agenda.

An overlay for the parking lot is also planned for next spring.