Suspect Bryant Seba will be arraigned at 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 25, at which time he is expected to enter a plea concerning the shooting death of Alexandria Duran, her unborn child and the shooting injury of Brandon Wright.

Seba appeared in Pratt County District Court Friday for a preliminary hearing that would determine if a crime had been committed and if he had probably committed the crime.

After three and a half hours of testimony District Court Judge Frank Meisenheimer said enough evidence had been presented to establish probable cause and the case would continue.

Late on July 24, 2013, an argument in the 100 block of North Ninnescah involving Seba and others resulted in the shooting death of Alexandria Duran, the death of her unborn child and critical injury to Brandon Wright.

Seba was arrested and charged with first degree murder of Duran, first degree murder of her unborn child and attempted first degree murder of Brandon Wright.

Representing the State in the case are Deputy District Attorney Vic Braden and Assistant District Attorney Greg Benefiel.

Court appointed attorney Michael Brown represents Seba.

In his comments at the close of the hearing, Meisenheimer said evidence indicated Seba had gone into his house, taken a rifle out of a case then returned to the porch and fired nine shots indicating it showed a premeditated act.

Appearing on the stand Friday were Dereck Van Royan, who lives in the same house as Duran and next door to Seba, and testified he heard Seba allegedly using racial slurs during an argument with Matt Ross and that Seba had allegedly kicked his door in at the Ninnescah apartments. He said the argument lasted about 30 minutes before he had to go to work.

Angelica Rios, Duran's sister, who also lived in the same house as Duran, said she saw Seba using racial slurs and arguing with Brandon Wright who flipped Seba over Seba's motorcycle that was parked in front of the house. Seba got up and returned to his house.

Miguel Reyes, Rios' uncle, went to stop the stop the fight then Zach Wright put Reyes in a choke hold, Rios said.

Then Duran went over to the men fighting and Brandon started pushing Duran around.

At that point, Rios alleges that Seba came out of the house and fired multiple shots hitting Duran in the head and Brandon several times then went back into his house.

Others giving testimony included Pratt Police officer Chris Chisham who said he found a 22 caliber rifle in the back yard.

Pratt Police Sgt. Ed Gimpel testified Seba had surrendered and he arrested him and put him a police cruiser. But because of the tension at the scene decided to remove him to the Law Enforcement Center.

Gimpel also took him in because he said was talking a lot and he didn't want to violate his Miranda rights.

Senior Special KBI Agent David Klamm said he photographed and collected nine shell casings from the front of the house.

Senior Special KBI Agent Corey Latham did an engineering analysis of the site and was able to determine where the shooter stood from scars on the sidewalk.

In his summation, Benefiel said Seba had a chance to disengage but didn't.

Seba is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.