At a meeting of the Pratt City Commission on Monday, staff members highlighted a number of projects that are evident around town, or that soon will be.

The first block of North Main Street reopened Saturday, ahead of the 45-day expected schedule. Street markings are temporary, however, and rather than wait for the subcontractor to arrive, and possibly deal with weather unfavorable to painting, the decision was made to open the street and do permanent marking later.

The Pratt Rotary Club made a donation to help replace damaged portions of the Lemon Park walking path. City crews have already ground down 50-some areas to reduce stumbling points. The plan is to include concrete replacement with another city project in the near future to make it more economical.

Concrete is being broken up at the base of the metal roundtop at the west edge of the park. It will be disassembled and moved to the Park Department yard for storage.

In the late fall, city staff will begin the first phase of a six-inch water system and 12 fire hydrants that will also provide water for newly planted trees. A donation by Mary Jo McCoy and Blake Himmelwright is providing the funding for the new water line.

City Manager Dave Howard discussed the need to establish a long-range plan for the park.

Street department workers are doing an annual test of water valves and have found about 20 that need to be replaced "on our terms, not in the middle of the night," Public Works Director Russ Rambat said. Most of the valves being replaced were installed in the 1950s and 1960s.

Improvements are being made at Dickerson Field, with plans for a rededication of the baseball field in 2014. The field is used extensively for practice and could return to competitive use next year.