With his roots planted firmly in both the auction business as well as agriculture in southwest Kansas, Scott Brown has seen a lot of changes in both areas over the years. Always looking for a way to improve upon business operations, Brown, along with his son and employee, have launched a business to provide a new approach to agricultural auctions. They have founded AgAuctions, LLC, to combine traditional farm sales with the technology of internet based auctions.

"There's been several timed internet auction firms spring up over the country the last few years. We still like the excitement created by the auctioneer's chant," Brown said. "Therefor, we have taken a traditional auction with an experienced auctioneer, and added the capabilities for live, simultaneous internet bidding. The bidders can all preview the items in person prior to the sale. Those not wishing to be involved with computers or etc., will still have a live auction to attend and bid for themselves. The only difference will be, instead of standing in the cold and wind, they will be inside, watching the auction items displayed on a big screen while drinking their coffee and bidding. Bidders more comfortable with internet bidding will also be able to participate in the bidding from their office, tractor or on the ranch. We think this is the best of both worlds."

AgAuctions will be concentrating their efforts heavily on the western two-thirds or so of Kansas, as well as bordering counties. This will allow all bidders in that area to be within a reasonable distance from any items listed for sale on their website.

"When you really pay attention to who is buying large equipment items through internet auctions, you will find that the vast majority of bidders come from nearby," Jamie Brown said. "Occasionally someone will purchase a large item from several states away, but that is the exception, not the rule."

All of AgAuctions representatives covering the sales area are experienced auctioneers with some agricultural background. "We have a great group of experienced auctioneers who know how to work with buyers and sellers alike," Scott Brown said. "We like to joke that we are a brand new company, with over 140 years combined experience."

AgAuctions plans to conduct around four sales per year, with the first of them being held Dec. 17. They are already taking consignments for that sale, and would love to talk more to you about their new business venture. They may be contacted at (620) 282-2226 or stop in and see them sometime in Greensburg at the Brown Auction facility, or just visit them on the web at www.agauctions.com.