Dear Editor:

The federal government's latest effort to produce education standards for K-12, known as Common Core, is expected to be implemented by the 2014-2015 school year. Much has been published in the media that report favorably about this latest federal program to gain access to the education of the nation's school children. Most of the reporting has been in favor of Common Core.

However, there are always two sides to any program. The media fails to state that Common Core has the following concerns:

It will enforce world view indoctrination into children's learning

Christianity will be curtailed or eliminated

It will refuse to accept students not taught Common Core, i.e. home schools or Christian schools

Unprecedented federal over reach into states education programs

Danger of one size fits all

Family involvement is missing

Cost estimated by the Pioneer Institute in Massachusetts offers well documented cost of $158 billion across participating states that will likely fall on local taxpayers.

The Obama administration went directly to State Boards of Education to implement Common Core. Thus bypassing State legislators and parents in the formation of any agency to address grievances when they want to express concerns or make changes in local curriculum.

Following is a list of web sites for those desiring to know more than the media is spoon feeding the public about Common Core:




• (


• (common core video chaos)

In the October 2013 issue of Focus on the Family "Citizen" magazine there is the article entitled "Education Without Representation," pages 15-17. For more information about "talking about school choice as well as looking at what standards are good" parents may want to read this article. It is best to check the facts before Kansas teams up with the federal government's Trojan horse of education reform.


Deanna Hoeme, Preston