The new Hope Center, at 314 S. Main, will receive its first use this weekend, with the Agape Health Clinic beginning at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7. Patients must be registered by 11 a.m. Photo identification and proof of income are required.

Directors for the Agape Clinic believe the downtown location will be more convenient for patients who had difficulty finding transportation to Pratt Community College, and to volunteers who had to set up the area each month and then take it down afterward.

Pass It Forward and the paper pantry ministry from All Saints Episcopal Church have both moved into the Hope Center facility.

A successful open house weekend and fund-raiser were held before Thanksgiving, Hope Center Board of Directors President Scott Powell said; however, they continue to raise funds to hire a full-time director.

Applications are being received for the director position. The goal is that he or she will have a full-time presence in the center; if necessary, the position will be three-quarter time to begin, Powell said. In either case, Hope Center will be open five days a week, although hours have not been established.

He anticipates a general opening early in January.