The future of the mortgage registration fee is still a concern for the register of deeds office.

Some legislators want to remove the fee, which they call a tax, and that could be problem because that fee makes up 75 to 78 percent of the register of deeds income, said Register of Deeds Sherry Wenrich at the Monday County Commission meeting.

She said if it went away, either the recording fees would have to be increased or taxes might have to go up to cover the lost revenue.

Rebuilding the packer at the Pratt County Landfill is going to take more money than originally anticipated because of damage to the window frame in the cab.

Jason Winkel, landfill and recycling supervisor, said after the company doing the rebuild examined the grader that the window frame would have to be repaired before the rebuild could be made.

Commissioners requested a representative of the company doing the rebuild attend their next meeting to clarify what "reconditioning" means.

The Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake will get a partial facelift on the south side of the lake.

Commissioners approved $4,000 for additional concrete riprap on the south side of the lake to upgrade the area that is showing deterioration. Lake Supervisor Nick Birdsong said Simpson Dirt would bring in the material and not charge for delivery.

Birdsong said he would borrow a skid loader from the road department to place the rock. He estimates it will take about 10 loads at $400 a load.

Birdsong also reported that the dump station at the lake was out of service because of problems with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism portion of the system.

Nancy Smith, new community service coordinator, visited the commissioners and said she had visited with South Central Kansas Community Corrections Director David Wiley to get acquainted with her new duties.

She also needs a place to store items from the community service vehicle.

The Health Department has hired Amanda Arensdorf as a new bookkeeper and she was introduced to the commissioners today.

Debbie McGraw, director of public health, said a seven county coalition would hold a disaster drill on May 2 at the Pratt County Fair Grounds.

She also asked for and got approval to purchase a new examination table for an examination room.