Helping people is a major driving force in his life.

Cory Arnold is the newest deputy in the Pratt County Sheriff's Office and it has been his dream to be in law enforcement for most of his life.

Arnold, who joined the sheriff's office Dec. 16, has two cousins also in law enforcement and they were an inspiration for him to get involved. But the desire to help people was already in him and Arnold said he just had to do this job.

"It must be running in my blood like Link (cousin that is commander of Arvada, Colo. police department.) I'm very proud of my cousins," Arnold said. "I wanted to do something important before I passed away."

After working for a while at Hill City, he missed his original home in Medicine Lodge. So he went back and worked in a mill there for about a year and made good money.

But the longer he worked there the more he realized that money doesn't provide happiness and he had to get back to law enforcement.

So he applied and was hired as a Pratt County Deputy. Arnold said the Pratt department had a strong reputation and he was happy to be part of the force in Pratt.

"I'm excited to be here," Arnold said. "I'm excited to work with the caliber of these Pratt officers."

He said he could not be completely happy unless law enforcement was part of his life. He loves getting

Being in law enforcement has to be in the blood. To put up with the every day stress, an officer has to have a sense of pride.

"You have to want to do it," Arnold said.

He thrives on the brotherhood among the officers. It is something he can't explain but those officers get to be as close as family and are like brothers. It's like a code among the officers that they will help each other out, Arnold said.

Like any other job, this one has challenges. Overcoming the stress that comes from the things officers see and do every day is necessary for success.

That is where that brotherhood comes in. It is important for officers to be there for each other because they see and understand the stress.

Arnold was born and raised in Medicine Lodge. He attended school there from kindergarten through his sophomore year when his family moved to Great Bend. He graduated from Great Bend High School in 2007 then attended Barton Community College getting an associates degree in criminal justice. He is single.

He was anxious to get started and sent out resumes everywhere but it was the Hill City Sheriff's Department that called him and asked him to come for an interview. It was an immediate fit and he was hired the same day he tested for the department.

That started his law enforcement career and eventually led to his position with the Pratt County Sheriff's Office.