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Views from the Abyss (BWW Bowl Game Photos)
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Iím working on a couple hours sleep after the game and hopping the first flight out of dodge, but here are a few shots from that brutal game.†† A huge thanks once again to MVictors photog Kelley Kuehne for getting it done on Saturday night.
As usual I encourage reuse and republication, I just ask you give credit and a link.† If you are looking for a higher resolution copy (Mrs. Lewan), send me an email.
Shane Morris warmup
Michigan cheerleader backflip
IMG_6430 - running out helmet
Greg Mattison
IMG_6494 Seniors
IMG_6593 77 warms up
IMG_6707 g with b dubb
IMG_6796 paratrooper
IMG_6861 gallon unitimeline
Jeremy Gallon
Jon Falk final game
IMG_7049 early 7
Shane Morris snap
IMG_7270 butt upfield
Devin Gardner 98
IMG_7601 coaches

IMG_7638 cloaking devicewhen KSU stole our cloaking device :(

Michigan defensive signs ?I have no idea

IMG_8395 shane stiff

Shane Morris in huddle

IMG_8466 Hayes 2 pt

Devin Funchess

Shane Morris and Devin Gardner

Lewan with his Moms

Lewan and his moms after the game, grabbing her baby boy above, Lewan giving her his helmet below. †Here’s a montage.


IMG_8596 gallon postgame

Brady Hoke press conference

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