Eric Scott Killough is a native of Seal Beach, Calif., and a current resident of Koper, Slovenia.

He is descended from 150 years of Kansans and recently purchased a small home on Fourth Street in Pratt. He looks forward to spending more time here in the coming years, but is busy raising his young children in Europe. A U.S. Coast Guard retiree, he describes his current occupation as the "quintessential Mr. Mom."

The visit to Antarctica was part of his 7-continent travels. Australia will be the next and last.

"I will surely take the Pratt Tribune with me again. Kilimanjaro is on the horizon as well as a trip to the Arctic. I will take the Tribune with me there as well. If nothing else, I can use it as extra insulation in the event I'm lost in the woods," Killough wrote in an e-mail.

"I really love Pratt and am looking forward to being more involved in the community," he concluded.