The Ramon Ibarra family has received overwhelming support from inside and outside the community following a tragic fire Dec. 23, 2013 that took the lives of twin one-year-old boys Jayce and Jasper.

The city offered to haul off the debris from the house after it is torn down. However, asbestos siding shingles had to be removed before the house could be torn down.

Alecia Ary, daughter of the owner of Viral Remediation (Ron Ary) and classmate of Ramon Ibarra, father of the babies, heard about the problem and a deal was worked out where Viral Remediation would remove the asbestos free of charge.

It was one of many donations the family has received since the fire. Other support includes a fund to help pay for the funeral and a tombstone, a home to live in and clothes for the family.

"I've just been overwhelmed with the generosity," Ibarra said. "We're so grateful for all the help and emotional support."