Tip of the Week
When lives are on the line, Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmers answer the call. These brave men and women embody the courage of America’s Navy - often going into harm’s way to complete their rescue missions in some of the most extreme environments imaginable.
As an Aviation Rescue Swimmer, you will be part of a tightly knit group, dedicated to being the top emergency response unit in the world. You’ll put the lives of others before your own - applying your intense physical and mental training to challenging real-world situations where there’s often no margin for error.
While Search and Rescue Swimmers are associated with a ship, Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmers are attached to an aircraft. This means that Aviation Rescue Swimmers jump out of a helicopter into extreme conditions to complete their task, while Search and Rescue Swimmers work from a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat. Their starting point may differ, but their mission remains the same: save lives in a time of crisis.
Without hesitation, you must be prepared to enter the most treacherous conditions to provide recovery and relief to those in need. That could involve jumping from hundreds of feet out of helicopters into the ocean. Using your search and rescue swimming skills to ensure safety, or using evasion, resistance and escape techniques to save those in need.
No college degree is required to become a Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer, but a high degree of difficulty and satisfaction come standard with nearly everything you’ll do. Training is tough and ongoing.
— Brandpoint
BBB Watch
When multiplayer online games announce upcoming changes, scammers often setup phishing websites, offering free in-game items by requiring account information but delivering nothing in return. Phishing emails pretending to be from game companies often threaten game suspension unless the player logs into a bogus website to clear it up. Within the online games, customer service representatives, called game masters, handle complaints and issues. Scammers pretending to be GMs will attempt to extract account information from players.
— Better Business Bureau
The List
The world’s most innovative companies bring us pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, cosmetics, books and all sorts of products. The top 10 innovative companies are:
1. Salesforce.com
2. Alexion Pharmaceuticals
3. VMware
4. Regeneration Pharmaceuticals
5. ARM Holdings
6. Baidu
7. Amazon
8. Intuitive Surgical
9. Rakuten
10. Natura Cosmeticos
— Forbes.com
Number to Know
44 percent: Forty-four percent of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email, according to Salesforce.com.
Tech Talk
Seventy-two percent or nearly three in four small-business owners said new technologies will offer a bigger return on their investment in 2014 than a new employee, but they still find technology overwhelming. Sixty-three percent of respondents to a new survey said they frequently feel overwhelmed with the number of technologies available to run their business.
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