The Greenback Booster Club held their annual Athletic Banquet Monday night at the Municipal Building. As always, athletes and supporters of Pratt High School sports had a full agenda.

The Greenback Booster Club held their annual Athletic Banquet Monday night at the Municipal Building. As always, athletes and supporters of Pratt High School sports had a full agenda.

Master of Ceremonies Troy Maydew began by announcing Booster Club President Bob Smith who reviewed the Booster Club’s activities and accomplishments. Highlights included the fall feed; painting the “frog feet”; hosting various hospitality rooms throughout the year; organizing and administering the Tournament of Champions; winter homecoming hog roast; supporting the Zerger Field turf project; providing new clocks for LMS and PHS gyms; purchasing a new end zone camera for football; defraying cheerleading camp expenses; and passing out Gatorade at the PHS crosscountry meet.

Senior athlete Brittnee Hill then gave the Invocation followed by a meal catered by Jocko’s Barbecue.

Following the meal, PHS athletic director Curtis Nightingale acknowledged the freshman, sophomore and junior athletes in attendance (something new for this year’s banquet) and recognized the Pratt High coaching staff.

MC Troy Maydew then called the roll of 2014 senior athletes, listing their accomplishments throughout their years at PHS. There were 43 athletes in this year’s senior class.

Adele Loomis was selected by her peers to present the Inspirational Message by a Senior Athlete. Loomis, who ran track and crosscountry and played tennis during her tenure at PHS, spoke about how much she and her classmates had changed in their four years at Pratt High.

She mentioned how being an athlete at PHS was like being a member of a family. She said she and her classmates had all been shaped by their athletic experiences, and had learned a lot. She pointed to all the successes that PHS athletics has enjoyed during her class’ years, saying that they had a lot to be proud of.

Loomis concluded by explaining that one of the great things about sports is that it is all about what YOU can do as a person, and seeing how much you can accomplish through your own efforts under the guidance of coaches, parents and teammates.

The keynote speaker, Anthony (Tony) Swiantek PHS ’96, was introduced by outgoing Booster Club member Lynn Perez. Swiantek was a member of three state championship teams at Pratt High and was himself named Senior Athlete in 1996.

Swiantek currently resides in Salina where he is an assistant tennis coach for Bethany College. He has also started several successful businesses and has been selected to be a guest judge on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The theme of Swiantek’s message to the assembled athletes and boosters was to “Hold your head high— you’re a Greenback”.

Swiantek told how he and his classmates continue to follow the progress of Pratt High athletics, despite the distance in miles and the time that has passed. Using technology to keep in contact, Swiantek said he and his teammates continue to follow PHS sports.

He said he didn‘t realize how unusual that was until he got out into the world and found out that most schools’ graduates don’t maintain that type of close affection with their school— which is just another one of the things that makes being a Greenback so special.

He recounted the story of how he and his teammates wanted to get Greenback tattoos. His father was opposed, but his mother (who had grown up a Greenback, unlike his father) understood, and she gave him the money for the ink. When people in LA or wherever see the tattoo today, they are befuddled and bemused, usually saying something like “What is a Greenback?”

As a successful businessman, Swiantek looks for former athletes when he is looking through resumes for someone to hire. He said the same types of principles that make one successful in athletics also contribute to success in the business world. Among those principles are the ability to master fundamentals, teamwork, taking individual responsibility and the ability to persevere in difficult times.

Following Swiantek’s remarks, Curtis Nightingale presented the Judd Eisenhauer Scholarship Award to senior Brett Forshee. In addition to being a letter-winner in baseball and football, Forshee possessed the types of leadership qualities that the scholarship committee was looking for.

As always, the culmination of the evening was the announcement of this year’s senior athletes. Female Senior Athlete was Jenson Maydew, who won 12 letters in volleyball, basketball and track as well as numerous post-season honors in each of those sports.

Male Senior Athlete was Cesar Regalado. Regalado earned 9 letters in football, track and wrestling and was twice State Champion in wrestling— undefeated his senior campaign. Maydew and Regalado were deserving recipients of the award.

And thus ended the 2014 Greenback Booster Club athletic banquet.