Visitors to Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake will soon find restricted access to one area on the north side of the lake.

Lake Supervisor Nick Birdsong said a primitive camping area on the north side of the lake has become a problem area for fire and trash. Birdsong presented the problem to the Pratt County Commissioners during their regular weekly meeting on Monday.

Access to the area is two entrances from the road on the north side of the lake. This low-lying area has a lot of dead grass and is a constant fire hazard.

Trash has also become a problem in this area and Birdsong said he was tired of all the trash and wanted to take some action to correct the problem

Mark McManaman, administrator of Emergency and medical services for Pratt County, agreed that fire has become an issue in that area especially during fireworks season.

Bonfires were also a recurring problem and he wanted to see changes in the area, too.

The Commissioners agreed to support a restriction of traffic to the area.

Birdsong said he would put up the appropriate signs and would work on getting a gate on both entrances.

The area will still be open to walk-in traffic but vehicles would no longer be allowed.

Other regulations will soon take affect for the lake as well. Commissioners approved new resolutions to ban the burning of wood pallets, furniture and any wood product that is processed wood. The ban also covers glass containers that have become a health hazard. The new regulations will be printed in the Tribune at which time they will go into effect. Birdsong said he would have new signs up soon explaining the new regulations and fines for violators.

David Wiley, South Central Kansas Community Corrections director, requested and received approval for $541,000 for graduated sanctions and prevention for his department.

Wiley also requested permission to put out bids to replace a 2008 Ford Fusion. With just two months left in his fiscal year, Wiley needs to use certain funds or he will lose them. He doesn’t have enough money to cover the full price of a vehicle and requested and received permission to move $10,400 from juvenile funds and $12,000 from adult funds to have enough to make the purchases.

Landfill and Recycling Supervisor Jason Winkel said he had presented the wrong riding lawn mower to the commissioners the week before for approval. The model he wanted to present was a heavy-duty model.

Last week the commissioners approved the purchase of a Hustler FasTrak lawn mower for $4,795 from Kincheloe’s. Commissioner Glenna Borho did not take part in the discussion and abstained from voting.

The heavy-duty model, also from Kincheloes’s, cost an additional $1,000 dollars. Commissioners Joe Reynolds and Charles Rinke voted to approve the additional $1,000 for the heavy-duty model.

Commissioner Borho again took no part in the discussion and abstained during the vote.

The commissioners approved two concrete construction projects for Arensdorf Construction: $850 to replace damaged curb south of the courthouse and $1,344 to replace deteriorated side at the EMS building.

The Health Department will no longer be open over the noon hour effectively immediately. Concerns over employee safety and being able to provide necessary service were the general reasons for the change.

Robert Torres, environmental services director, notified the commissioners that Lyons would no longer accept e-waste, specifically televisions and CRTs.

However he had located a facility in Great Bend that would pay to take all kinds of e-waste. This will save the county approximately $300 a month.

Jerry Keene, representing the Silver Haired Legislature, said dental plans for the elderly was one of several issues he would be supporting in Topeka.