Pratt High School and the Scholarship Recognition Committee hosted the 40th annual Scholarship Recognition Banquet Monday evening at the Municipal Building.

Jenson Maydew offered the invocation, after which a meal catered by Yur Place in Hardtner was enjoyed.

For entertainment, the Pratt High Jazz Band under the direction of Peter Weinert rocked the house with a version of the standard “Kansas City” and a chart by Duke Ellington, “Satin Doll.” Caleb Hitz, alto sax, and Nathan Hayes, trumpet, took solo turns on “Kansas City.”

Keynote speaker for the evening was Jessie Garrett, PHS 2006, who is now an engineer living in Indiana. Engineers are professional problem-solvers, and Garrett had advice for her listeners on how to deal with crisis moments in one’s life.

She said learning how to deal with crisis moments is one of the biggest challenges in becoming an adult. Illustrating her point with some personal experience examples, Garrett said there are three things you can do when faced with a crisis: 1. Quit and call it a day. 2. Cry or whine or blame someone else 3. Have a positive attitude and find a way to deal with the problem.

With No. 3 being the most constructive option, Garrett then had some suggestions on how one can develop the kind of positive attitude that will allow one to meet life’s challenges. 1. Praise or thank someone in your social network everyday. 2. At the end of every day, journal a positive experience you had that day. 3. Meditate for 5 minutes, reflecting on the positive.

Martha Wade, head of the Scholarship Committee, and PHS principal Steve Blankenship presented awards to the honors students in each class.

As always, the culmination of the evening was announcing the valedictorians and salutatorians for the Class of 2014. USD 382 Board of Education vice-president Andrea Wilson did the honors. Valedictorians are Morgan Strong, Amy Olson, Liam Kahmeyer, Adele Loomis and Bailey Gillig. Salutatorians are Morgan Schmidt, Lauren Rambat, Jenson Maydew and Cole Fincham.

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