High winds, hail and heavy rain caused damage in and around Cullison including extensive tree damage in Cullison and numerous overturned irrigation systems around Cullson especially to the north east of town.

High winds, hail, rain and a possible tornado hit Pratt County especially around the Cullison area where damage was heavy in and around town.

Larry Ruthi, meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service in Dodge City, reported a bookend vortex went through the area creating a bow echo that was an indication of cyclonic motion associated with a tornado.

No tornado was reported to the National Weather Service but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, Ruthi said.

“The environment was favorable for a spin up,” Ruthi said.

Reports from area spotters indicated wind speeds of 80 to 90 mph. Reports of heavy rain and hail from pea to quarter size were common. Wheat fields around Cullison were hit hard with some suffering total loss.

The gust front went through Pratt around 9:15 p.m. causing a brief power outage in town. The Byers area also lost power for a time.

The bulk of the damage centered in and around Cullison. The entire city sustained heavy tree damage with several buildings showing hail damage as well.

The former Cullison school bus barn was destroyed when the high winds blew the roof off the building. A small shed was blown over a house and landed in the front yard in pieces.

Numerous irrigation systems were overturned northeast of town with Stuart Briggeman losing nine systems plus a large grain bin that came off its foundation, hit a nearby shed then landing in a field north of its original location. At least a half dozen other farmers lost systems as well.

A couple of sheds for goats at the Terry Williamson house two miles west of Cullison were destroyed and tossed to the north with some pieces of the sheds landing three quarters of a mile away.

The ADM grain elevator in Cullison sustained damage to a small building over a grain dump pit. A grain cart was blown across the road from the ADM lot and into the south ditch. It didn’t hit anything and managed to stay upright without damage.

The High Plains Cotton Gin sustained damage to the west side exterior wall with a section of paneling coming off and landing in a field to the south of the cotton gin.