The deadline for bids on the Law Enforcement Center improvement project has been extended to June 5.

Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn told the Pratt County Commissioners no bids were received on the project so the commissioners decided to extend the deadline so they can determine why companies they thought were interested did not tender a bid.

One possible issue with companies giving bids was a penalty clause if the project was not completed on time.

Pratt County Counselor Robert Schmisseur said he had no problem with adjusting a penalty clause but he said the county should have a way to make the companies hold their feet to the fire to make sure they completed their project on time.

Chinn agreed that a penalty clause had to be in place to get the project done on time.

One other possibility with the bid situation is that businesses may be looking at contracts with the Wichita School system that have easier restrictions on penalty clauses.

Schmisseur said the county should have at least three bids on the project so that the county can get the best contract for the project.

Chinn said having a penalty clause was important to him because when the project starts his kitchen will close down and the cost of feeding prisoners will quadruple because they will have to order meals into the jail. Having a deadline the contractor has to stick to will help keep that increase in jail operations to a set limit.

Lake Supervisor Nick Birdsong told commissioners a sheriff’s deputy told him the new restrictions at the lake for burning non-native wood and glass containers could not be enforced.

Schmisseur said he believed the new regulations were enforceable and could result in a fine of not more then $100 or jail time of no more than 30 days.

Birdsong requested the commissioners to consider approving the purchase of an ATV for use at the lake because it would be easier to get to all the areas of the lake than in his pickup. He presented a couple of bids but Commissioner Joe Reynolds informed him that other options were available so Birdsong said he would look into other options and return when he had all the information available.

More than enough funds are available so it would not require any additional funds to make the purchase, Birdsong said.

Jason Winkel, landfill and recycling supervisor notified the commissioners that the loader was having problems with injectors and was working on solid quotes for the job but it looked like it could be done in Pratt and with a minimum of down time.

Bids were open today on a replacement vehicle for a South Central Community Corrections 2008 Ford Fusion. Two bids were received: Doug Reh Chevrolet for $11,065 and trade in for a 2014 Malibu; Lanterman Motors for $11,284 and trade in for a 2014 Ford Fusion.

The commissioners approved the lower bid for Doug Reh Chevrolet.

Emergency Manager Tim Branscom told the commissioners changes had been made to the inter-local agreement and it was in Topeka for approval. He said the original document could be discarded once the new one was approved.

Branscom said it was important for all cities in the county to be part of the agreement to secure grant funding and was hoping Sawyer would change its mind and agree to be part of the agreement.