The second Pratt Adventure activity is scheduled for May 17th at 9 a.m. at the Lemon Park west shelter for anyone who would like to either run, walk or bike through Pratt. This is a free activity.

This year a competitive 5K race will be offered as well. This is a timed event which will also start at Lemon Park at the west shelter. The winner will receive $100. This event will conclude by 10 a.m. and the prize will be awarded at that time.

The events are not a contest against the clock or competitors. It is an activity which encourages people to be active and learn new skills. Participants have two hours to accumulate adventure points at five locations and the participant with the highest number of points wins $100 in each event.

This year the activity stops for walkers and leisure runners include tennis at the Blake Tennis facility and bocce ball, golf, disk golf and casting in Sixth Street Park. The bicyclists will stop at May Dennis Park for their disk golf experience. It is a fun time for all participants.

Activity participants will have two hours to complete the 1K walking course, the 3K run course or the 5K bike course. Most participants spend less than an hour completing the course of their choice. Shortly after 11 a.m. the winners will be announced and awarded their prize.

The Pratt Rotary Club and the Pratt Health Coalition joined forces to offer the first Pratt Adventure Day in 2013. Twenty participants either ran, walked or biked in Pratt.

Everyone enjoyed the unique opportunity to participate in the activities and learn some new skills, according to DeWayne Bryan, executive director of the Pratt Health Foundation.