It’s tall. It’s very, very tall.

Terry Arnett’s latest addition to his fleet of cranes at Trand Inc. Crane Services stands at 520 feet tall when fully extended.

The 900-ton Liebherr Model LTM 1750-9.1 all terrain hydraulic crane was built in Germany and is one of only three in the United States, said Trand Office Manager Andrea Arnett.

Trand crews are assembling the crane at the Trand work yard and plan to raise it sometime Thursday. It is so tall, they have to get permission from the Federal Aviation Administration five working days prior to raising it. It has lights and flags on the top to warn aircraft.

Trand had to have an FAA study done on its height and its impact on the air space around the Pratt Regional Airport. The study is complete, approved and is valid for 18 months.

The numbers around this “Cadillac of the Cranes” are impressive. The crane can lift 144,000 pounds to a height of 308 feet in wind from 25 mph to 35 mph. It weighs in at a whooping 900 tons, has nine axels with two wheels each, it takes 18 to 19 trucks to haul all the pieces and requires a minimum of four workers about 10 hours to set it up, Arnett said.

The primary use of the crane will be for erecting wing generators.