Oxford Cafe came before Greenberg's; the two sets of lettering can be seen from different angles.

The faded letters on the store front at 318 South Main have come to light. Ron Detwiler noticed that from a distance and at an angle from the north the words “Oxford Cafe” are visible. Those words go along with “Always Open” that is underneath the name as well as the words “Lunch at all hours.”

Detwiler found a reference to Oxford Café along with the other words in an advertisement in a Pratt city directory ad for 1917.

As far as the name Greenberg’s that also appears on the bricks when viewed from a southern angle, Detwiler found a reference to Isaac Greenberg in the 1926 Pratt Union. The name also appears in the late Dorotha Giannangelo's block-by-block history of every business on Main Street.

Genile Rawson went on ancestory.com in City Directory Records and discovered Isaac Greenberg had a men’s and boys’ clothing store in Pratt in 1926 at 318 South Main. He also had clothing stores in Salina and Kansas City.

Rawson also found Isaac Greenberg in a Salina directory as a clothing merchant.

The name Winklepleck is also listed in association with the building in 1926 but a check of property owners in the Register of Deeds office revealed no Winklepleck listed so that part of the mystery remains unsolved.