Additional school expenditures are now eligible for payment with capital outlay funds following action taken in the 2014 Legislative session.

The Skyline Board of Education adopted the new Capital Outlay Resolution at its Monday meeting.

The following expenditures can now be charged to the capital outlay fund:

• Maintaining of school district property and equipment; salaries and fringe benefits for custodians, personnel maintaining buildings, bus mechanics; HVAC maintenance; bus and vehicle maintenance; school grounds maintenance.

• Acquisition of performance uniforms for choir, band, althetes and theatrical presentations.

• Acquisition of software for instructional and administrative functions; operating systems upgrades; leasing of computers and software.

Although the Board can now use capital outlay funds for these expenditures, the district intends to not take advantage of this option unless funds become tight because of funding cuts, said Superintendent Mike Sanders.

Following a successful special election on June 10 to increase the Local Option Budget from 30 percent to 31 percent permanently, the board voted to further increase the LOB temporarily to 33 percent.

In order to make the 33 percent permanent, the District will have to have a mail ballot election sometime between Aug. 1, 2014 and July 30, 2015, Sanders said.

The District intends to hold the election to make the 33 percent permanent. The increase was in response to an increase in the cost to the district for membership in the South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative.

Additional protection for student information was approved Monday as part of a group of new Kansas Association of School Board policies impacting a wide variety of areas.

The new policy requires any information going out to any agency has to be encrypted. Information must also be sent to the agency on how to view the encrypted data.

Also passed was language to make it clear that even though the district has filters in place on their computer system to prevent students from reaching certain web sites, it is not a guarantee that a student might accidentally or purposefully bypass the filters.

The District received a grant from the Kansas Safe and Prepared Schools program for the purchase of additional security cameras and outside speakers.

Work is progressing on the installation of the new HVAC controls. Sandifer of Goddard is installing the new units and plan on having everything in place in time for the first day of school in August, Sanders said.

However, the company will be on site for several weeks after everything is installed to make adjustments particularly with students in the classroom to assure the airflow will be correct.

The Board voted to retain Robert Howell as president and Jerry Deweese as vice-president.