Jake Gill performs at a free concert Wednesday night at the fair

Some chiropractic patients may have to wait for an appointment because chiropractor Jake Gill is going to be busy doing something else for a while.

Gill is chasing his dream of being a county western singer and performing with a band. Fans of the television show “The Voice” will remember his appearance in 2012. Although he didn’t win, he said he did a good job on the show and that encouraged him to go after his dream.

“I decided it was something I was going to pursue,” Gill said.

Gill will present a free concert at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 23 in the Livestock Showbarn.

He developed his love for classic county music from his grandfather who used to listen to it while he was farming, Gill said.

He got some training from his father who is a music teacher. Gill started performing in junior high school, at church, in talent shows and anywhere he could find an audience.

With the likes of Josh Thompson, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Brantly Gilbert and Garth Brooks and his local church as his inspiration, Gill has traded in his chiropractic treatment table for the stage. He is busy this year traveling 153,000 miles with a large fifth wheel and a trailer. In spite of a lot of blown tires, they are making their way through 13 states and 183 performances at county fairs, festivals, bike rallies and halls. He has also performed in coffee houses and bars.

His original career plan was to become a chiropractor and even though he has taken to the performing circuit, he still has his office and was practicing full time until this spring when he decided to hit the road.

While he and his band are enjoying the experience, it has defiantly impacted his family.

“My mom thinks I’m crazy,” Gill said. “But my kids (Luke 11 and Keegan 9) love it. They get to travel with me sometimes.”

Although they like traveling, it took some time for the children to get used to the schedule but they love it now.

Most of the music the band plays is Gill’s own compositions mixed in with some cover songs. Gill’s band includes himself singing and playing guitar, Keelan O’Leary playing lead guitar along with vocals, Jack Stark on drums and Jason Cunningham from Medicine Lodge playing bass guitar.

They have been traveling and doing many performances. Gill said they have grown a lot with each performance and feel they connect with the audience.

His show at the Pratt County Fair will be a mix of country rock and classic country. The energy in the band gets the audience going and that inspires their performance.

“We just like playing and entertaining and meeting people. That’s what we like to do,” Gill said. “Nothing feeds you more than an excited crowd.”

He currently has two CDs with “John Deere Rockstar” doing well on Texas charts. Other songs including “Kansas Queen,” “Tailgate Tradition” and “Guts, Guns and Jesus” are also getting attention in the music world.

The lyrics in “Guts, Guns and Jesus” tell the story of a man who grew up playing football then went off to war and found out his wife was dying of cancer. The song tells of his trust in God to take care of them.