An increase in valuations has resulted in a decrease in the county mil levy. The new mil levy is 56.1 mils, down almost a full mil from 57.0 mils in last year, said Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse.

The Pratt County Commissioners learned of the change during auditor Steve LaPrad’s report to the commission at their regular Monday meeting.

Increases in the real estate valuation along with increases in oil and gas valuations were responsible for the decrease. The 56.1 mils should bring in $7.6 million for the county, Kruse said.

Pratt County Road Supervisor Randy Phillippi said the roads were finally drying out and his crews would be able to get back out and work on roads.

Several blacktop roads in the county were scheduled for asphalt work but the rainy weather has prevented those projects until now.

Phillippi said he expects to start asphalt projects Wednesday around Iuka and Hopewell.

Construction on another county project is now slated to start late this summer.

Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn said the start date for the upgrades in the Law Enforcement Center is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 16. The project will upgrade the kitchen, add more area for the garage area and improve safety in the booking area.

Chinn requested and received permission to use the County Commission parking spaces during construction.