It was a full weekend of activities at the annual Green Valley Member-Guest tournament this past weekend.

It was a full weekend of activities at the annual Green Valley Member-Guest tournament this past weekend.

There was a great turn-out for the event, as thirty-six 2-man teams were entered. “We had a full tournament,” said tourney organizer Jason Ruckle. Play proceeded in 8-somes— 4 teams per hole— on the 9-hole course.

“Things went really smoothly,” Ruckle reported. “We had outstanding weather both days. Play went faster than I thought it might, and everybody had a lot of fun.”

The tourney began on Friday with a 9-hole Par 3 tournament followed by a 9-hole horse race. Also on the agenda for the evening was dinner plus live entertainment for the players and their guests.

On Sunday, 18 holes of golf were contested, with the format being 8 holes of low-ball, 8 holes of scramble and 2 holes of alternate shot. The big winners of flight play were Kevin Biles and Brian Meyers who posted a 65 for the top score of the afternoon.

Other winners in the various events included:




Championship flight (all shot 25. Places decided by chip-off)

1. Jeff Malone/ Trent McAtee

2. Logan McAllister/ Jack Kelly

3. Kent Montei/ John Mathes


1st flight

1. Gary Talbot/ Bruce Snelling

2. John White/ Ken Armstrong

3. Russ Theis/ Matt Meiklejohn


2nd flight

1. Eugene Stotts/ Rodney Walker

2. Eric Ruckle/ Chris Rohling

3. Nathan Leeper/ Rick Adams




Division 1

1. Andy Kisner/ Randy Hageman

2. Kevin Biles/ Brian Meyers

3. Kent Montei/ John Mathes


Division 2

1. Chris Westerhaus/ Tyson Eisenhauer

2. John White/ Ken Armstrong

3. Tyler Thimesch/ Will Conrady




Championship flight

1. Kevin Biles/ Brian Meyers 65

2. Randy Hageman/ Andy Kisner 66

3. Ryan Clark/ TJ Watson 67

4. John Gatz/ Tyler Gatz 68


1st flight (Top 3 places determined by chip-off)

1. Logan McAllister/ Jack Kelly 71

2. Russ Theis/ Matt Meiklejohn 71

3. Ryan Pinkall/ Aaron Austin 71

4. Scott Younie/ Kevin Younie 72


2nd flight (Chip-off for places)

1. Seth Alberg/ Scott Alberg 78

2. Cullan Wilson/ Martin Ibarra 78

3. Eric Thimesch/ Phil Roberts 78

4. Mark Kumberg/ Kevin Becker 78


And thus another successful Green Valley Member-Guest tournament was placed in the archives. With Green Valley providing some nice amenities— like a beverage cart, meals, and live entertainment; with the course being in fine shape, and with moderate weather for early August, the 72 golfers who participated couldn’t have asked for more enjoyable circumstances.

This year’s event will be hard to top next year, but they will probably try!