For the time being, Bolen Office Supply will be the IT service provider of choice for the Pratt County Courthouse.

Bob Bolen and Jesse Mercer, the new service tech for Bolen, visited with county commissioners about continuing to provide IT service.

Dirks Copy Products had made a request the week before to become the county IT service provider but the commissioners agreed Bolen’s should be allowed to make a presentation as well.

Mercer said he had an extensive background and if it had something to do with computers, he had probably had his hands on it.

Having reliable computer service at the courthouse is critical for operations.

“When we’re down, we’re in trouble,” said Pratt County Appraiser D.J. McMurry.

Mercer is not a full time employee for Bolen’s but they do have him on a retainer. He works for Hampel Oil.

Commissioner Borho wondered if Hampel Oil would be all right with Mercer taking on the county IT business and would they have him doing business in other counties. Her main concern shared with the other commissioners was his availability if his services were needed.

The commissioners decided to continue using Bolen Office Supply for their computer issues and see how Mercer works out.

In other business, Bob Hearn and Tony Bell asked the commissioners when they would be able to occupy the new fire station in Sawyer.

Commissioner Joe Reynolds was surprised to hear they were not in the building yet.

Hearn said they were waiting to hear from the commissioners that the construction was complete.

County Clerk Sherry Kruse had the original letter of completion stating the building was done and could be occupied. A copy of the letter was given to Hearn and Bell.

County Counselor Bob Schmisseur asked if the fire station had a flashing warning light by the U.S. 281 to alert traffic when a truck would be entering the highway. The men said they would look into the matter.

Hearn asked if the county had any asphalt millings they could have to improve the driveway entrance. He was directed to contact Randy Phillippi, county road supervisor about millings availability.

The commissioners voted to accept the $6,600 bid from Computer Information Systems to provide an off-site backup system for the courthouse computers. McMurry said any changes during the day would be backed up every night on the system.

Jason Winkel, landfill manager, continues to evaluate the possibility of recycle bins for Pratt. He said he got an estimate for putting a Tommy Lift on a county truck but the $7,500 for the lift and installation was high for its purpose.

He spoke with Nisley and they would offer to sell 25 unmarked 95-gallon recycle bins with no other commitment.

Winkel said he still needed to work on a conveyor to unload and sort recyclables before he would commit to any recycle bins. When ready he would do a try out period in the city parks.