The possibility of a multi-county Extension District will be the focus of an upcoming meeting involving Pratt County. Pratt County Extension Agents Mark Ploger and Jodi Drake presented the information to the Pratt County Commission at their regular Monday meeting.

The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on Dec. 12 at the Pratt County 4-H Center. Several counties in the northern half of the county have already formed Extension Districts but there are none in the southwestern part of the state, Drake said.

Ploger said they have had more and more inquiries about forming a district. They are investigating the financial advantages of forming a district but have not received information on that as yet.

If they go into a district format, Pratt County wants to be able to determine what counties would work best with them so if a district is good for they county, they want to get a jump on the process, Drake said.

Kansas State University Extension is pushing for districts across the state.

Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, wants to hire a machine to come in and break up concrete that, in its present condition, can't be used for anything.

"It's been sitting there for years," Freund said. "I want to get it into a form we can use."

He has also contacted Jason Winkel, county landfill manager, about breaking up a large pile of concrete at the landfill.

Freund has found a company that can break up the concrete for $10 a ton plus a little travel expense. He said he would look into a price break for breaking up both a county and city pile. The broken up concrete can be used to resurface roads and other repairs.

Breaking up the concrete would save the county money. If they need crushed concrete and have it on hand, it will eliminate the cost to have broken up concrete trucked in for repairs.

Freund said the same company can also grind up old asphalt and dirt. He and Winkel both have asphalt that is just sitting there and not doing any good. Broken up asphalt can also be used to repair holes in roadways.

The funds are available to bring in the crusher so Freund will work with Winkel to get the concrete crushed.

Freund also wants to replace the copy machines in his office and at the county barn. The lease on the machines ends soon. They have had a lease contract for nine years and at $30 a month per copier, they have spent more money on the lease than it would have cost to purchase one outright.

Freund wants to purchase copiers because he figures it will be cheaper in the long run. He will research what he needs, write up the specifications and contact the local vendors to get estimates on cost for new machines. He will report to the commission about the copiers at a later meeting.

Pratt County Attorney Ken Van Blaricum asked the commissioners if he could use some overtime hours for his office executive Rhonda Hammond until his term ends on Jan. 9, 2017. One of his office workers changed jobs to a different office in the courthouse and he is short staffed at this time. There is work that needs to be done before his term expires that will require someone to fill those hours.

Van Blaricum said he didn't want to hire a temp to take care of the work because of time it would take to get someone new up to speed. The commissioners approved the use of overtime.

In other action: The commissioners passed and signed a proclamation declaring October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Tanya Day of the Family Crisis Center, and other representatives presented the request and left information concerning wearing purple on Oct. 20, the color of support for victims of domestic and sexual violence.