Kristen Skiles makes and bakes cookies from her home to the delight of customers from Pratt, Medicine Lodge and places in between. This Christmas season she made and delivered over 108 dozen Christmas cookies, plus cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls and pies.

Even after baking more than 108 dozen Christmas sugar cookies this season, Kristen Skiles could still smile on Thursday about the stacks of tasty treats on her kitchen table that still needed frosting.

"It's fun," she said. "I'd be baking for may family anyway so I don't mind making these extras at all."

Last year Skiles put an ad on Facebook about the Christmas cookies she was baking and her Medicine Lodge friends and acquaintances immediately asked if they could pay her to bake for them. This October she decided to offer the same service in Pratt where she lives with husband David and their young daughter. Immediately orders began pouring in.

Skiles offers decorated and undecorated Christmas cookies for sale, along with cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls and pies.

"The decorated sugar cookies have been by far the most popular," she said. "Last year I sold a lot of undecorated ones that people could pick up and decorate at home with their kids. This year the decorated Christmas cookies have sold super fast."

 There is a method to the madness in Skiles kitchen, where she makes all cookies and frosting by hand and decorates each cookie individually, with help from her mother, Deb.

"I bake to order," she said. "I have to have a variety of each pattern and color of frosting with each batch.

She uses a recipe from a friend and has very few reject cookies in the misfit bin.

"My biggest challenge is having enough counter space," she said. "I had to borrow tables to spread everything out on."

Skiles said she would likely shut down her home cookie business over the Christmas weekend so she could spend time with family and friends. But she was considering taking orders for the new year if there was interest. She posts her plans to a Facebook page called Kristen's Kitchen and takes all cookie orders through that medium.

"I just love baking," she said. "And cookies are a food group. I never get tired of them."

Thursday and Friday were final cookie delivery days in Pratt and Medicine Lodge for Skiles, but she said there might be a few extras if someone was desperate for a dozen after that. Decorated cookies are $10 per dozen, while undecorated sell for $6 per dozen.