A woman and her dog escaped injury when a pickup caught fire going through Pratt Sunday, Jan. 1.

A Wichita woman and her dog escaped injury Jan. 1 when their pickup caught fire in Pratt as they traveled from Wichita to Dodge City.

Donell Horner, 27 of Wichita, was westbound on U.S. 54 in a 1991 Chevy Silverado when the engine started to react like it was out of gas, Horner said.

Smoke started came from under the hood and Horner pulled into the parking lot at Days Inn. She got her dog and some of her belongings out of the vehicle with the help from some bystanders who saw the smoke when they came out of Walmart.

When Pratt firefighters arrived, the engine compartment was engulfed in flames and putting off lots of smoke. The fire was starting to invade the passenger compartment. Fire crews had the fire out quickly but were on scene about an hour to make sure the fire was completely out with no hot spots. No one was injured in the fire and the engine was destroyed with damage to the hood, fenders and cab interior.