Darcie VanDerVyver replaces Deb McGraw as Pratt County's new public health director.

Lots of three ring binders have gotten Darcie VanDerVyver's attention lately. VanDerVyver is the new Pratt County director of public health and is getting acquainted with all the information in the three ring binders that line the shelves of her new office. VanDerVyver replaces Deb McGraw who retired at the end of 2016 as director of public health.
VanDerVyver worked with McGraw to learn where things were located in the office and when things had to be done but there is a lot to learn so she continues to learn the material in the binders.
"I've been going over where we are with grants, what deadlines are next and what documents have to be submitted,"  VanDerVyver said.
Much information at the department was kept on paper and now they are moving to move it to computer files.
The department has deadlines all the time. They have to build data for yearly and quarterly reports. It's been a real team effort to get everything done.
"I have a long to-do list. When we get close to deadlines I may have to call Deb to ask 'where can I find this information, VanDerVyver said.
VanDerVyver is a nurse and an x-ray technician and has found that working at public health is a different world than she is used to.
"I've been getting up to speed,"  VanDerVyver said. "I've been getting rid of stuff were not using. I'm settling in and getting it to where I can function well."
So far, everything is going great but the computers were a little bogged down. It's hard to know what someone else has named things so she is still sifting through computer files.
Another change at the department is the addition of a day-to-day Facebook site.
One of the issues at the health department is they are currently understaffed with one secretary short. The department has several applications and should have someone picked soon.
VanDerVyver grew up in Hoisington, attended Kansas State University majoring life sciences with an emphasis on biology. She attended radiology school in Hutchinson earning a degree or radiology. She did a radiology internship at Pratt Regional Medical Center in 2006 and stayed until 2010.
She moved to Great Bend and worked as an x-ray technician. She graduated from Barton County Community College with a degree in nursing in 2013. She returned to Pratt in 2014 and worked as a nurse at PRMC in ICU, med surgery, OB and was an agency traveling nurse for Allstaff and Cascade. An agency nurse travels to various towns and fills in at a facility that is short handed. She was working both jobs, PRMC and agency nurse, at the same time.
VanDerVyver said she really liked being an agency nurse. The work was at nights and she got off at 7 a.m. but she didn't like having to drive home after being up all night.
With her new job as director of public health, she gets to stay at one spot and doesn't have to drive long distances to get home like she did as an agency nurse.