COLUMBUS - A Baxter Springs man arrested for threatening immolation last summer was recently sentenced to 17 months in the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Jeremy Stocker, 36, was convicted of Criminal Use of an Explosive Device on Nov. 8, 2016. He was sentenced on Jan. 11. The case was investigated by the Baxter Springs Police Department and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department.

"Great to see investigative work and prosecution lead to a prison sentence," Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves said.

Stocker was arrested by the Baxter Springs PD on May 20, 2016, for Criminal use of an Explosive, Aggravated Assault and Criminal Threat.

Shortly after midnight on May 20, officers arrested Stocker at a Baxter Springs residence. Stocker had reportedly made threats to pour gasoline on an individual and light them on fire, and reportedly threatened to burn another individual's residence.

A crude incendiary device consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid, commonly referred to as a "Molotov Cocktail", was discovered by one local home owner burning in their front yard. Stocker was suspected to be responsible for another similar incident as well.