On Feb. 3 the Ford County Sheriff's Office received a phone call about a person leaving a message on their answering machine claiming to be Lt. Mike Sharp with the Ford County Sheriff's Office.

The Ford County Sheriff's Office does not have anyone employed by that name.

The message stated they needed to speak with them about a certain case number, which does not exist, and they left a call back number of 620-255-2609.

When the number is called, the voicemail states, "Thank you for calling the Ford County Sheriff's Office" and gives the actual address for the sheriff's office.

To date we have received numerous complaints of this person calling their homes.

Through an investigation, it was discovered the calls originated from the state of Georgia and have been linked to a financial scam.

The subjects will attempt to persuade you to obtain pre-paid financial cards (Vanilla, Netspin, PayPal or Kroger) to send them to clear up outstanding fines.

We ask that you contact your local law enforcement directly if you believe you have been a victim of this scam.