Spring is here and with it extreme weather changes and severe weather outbreaks.

We’ve seen the temperatures fluctuate from 92 degrees for a high to 45. What we’ve missed out on — so far — is severe weather.

Yet, we’ve seen record precipitation fall locally and more is forecast for Thursday evening through Sunday morning. This may set up flooding issues throughout our area.

Severe weather is usually thought of a thunderstorms, tornadoes and heavy rain. Yet, an all-day soaker can cause flooding issues and high winds can cause as much damage as January’s ice storm. Weather issues come in many forms and it’s necessary to be ready for any extreme Mother Nature throws at us.

We know everyone thinks they’re ready, but we also know after years of living in a particular place residents tend to not worry so much.

Severe weather warnings are often overlooked. People in southwest Kansas expect thunderstorms, high winds, drought periods and tornadoes. Often, if a siren doesn’t sound locally, people just get mad their favorite television shows are interrupted by weather alerts.

It’s that kind of attitude which can have immediate negative impacts. When living in an area known for tornadoes and severe weather, it’s best to stay on top of weather reports.

As Greensburg prepares for the 10th anniversary of the twister that destroyed the community, one would bet when severe weather is forecast, the people have a wary eye to the sky. The residents of Greensburg suffered greatly, rebuilt, but also learned a lesson.

The wrath of Mother Nature is powerful. It’s best to avoid her temper tantrums than to be caught unaware by it.

Spring is here. Extreme weather changes causing severe weather is here. Be prepared and stay safe.