The 2017 McPherson County All Schools Day Button Hunt produced two winners.

The 2017 McPherson County All Schools Day Button Hunt produced two winners. The medallion was found Wednesday morning by Sharla Rempe of McPherson, and the virtual button location was first identified Tuesday by Tony Unruh.

This year’s medallion, which featured the artwork featured on the 2017 All Schools Day button, was hidden behind a gutter drain pipe at the southeast corner of the Canton Township Library in Canton.

Rempe, along with her husband and son, went to Canton Friday after the first clue was released, and first looked around the park with the town’s hot and cold water towers are.

While they didn’t hunt Saturday, the family resumed their hunt Sunday. They first looked around Linnea Park in McPherson then returned to Canton because “everything made sense.”

Monday Rempel and her son returned to Canton, and they actually went to the Library and looked halfway around the building couldn’t find it. Tuesday night, they returned to Canton, and focused their hunt in the area of Canton-Galva High School. Late Tuesday night, a friend called them and told them where they thought the button was.

Early Wednesday morning her son handed her his phone with the sixth clue, telling her “Mom, they were right, that’s where it’s at.”

At that point, Rempe and her husband returned to the library, and resumed the search.

“Instead of going the right side of the building like I’d done Monday night, I went the left side and I came around, and I had just looked up to say to something to my husband and something caught my eye,” Rempe said.

That something turned out to be the medallion.

Tony Unruh and his wife Jo brainstormed along with a good friend to come up with possible answers. They had been in Hutchinson for a doctor’s appointment Tuesday and since they couldn’t actually go hunt for it, they did the virtual version. He added they love All Schools Day and the Medallion Hunt.

Button Hunt chair Lucky Kidd said in addition to the addition of the virtual hunt, the format of the clues was changed this year.

“While in past years a limerick style was used in preparing the clues, this year’s clues were written in a format I’ve seen used in other events of this kind,” Kidd said. “The idea of a virtual button hunt was something suggested after last year’s ASD Celebration, and for the first year I was very pleased with the participation.”

Rempe and Unruh each will receive $250 for finding the medallion or identifying its location. Superior Automotive and Transmission LLC sponsored this year’s button hunt, and Stewart’s Sports and Awards donated the medallion for the button hunt.

Still stumped? Here’s an explanation for each clue.

CLUE 1: “Some places have more than one, others have none. Look for one with more than one kind of it.”

There are two ways this clue can be interpeted. Some places don’t have a library, others more than one. In Canton, your have the Township Library and libraries in the schools. Another way to interpet this clue is water towers, Canton having the hot and cold water towers.

CLUE 2: “Every town in McPherson County has one, though it’s known by something else in a few places. Those few places can be eliminated from the search.”

There’s a Main Street in every incorporated city in McPherson County, except in Moundridge, where it’s Christian Avenue, and in Marquette, where the primary business street is Washington.

CLUE 3: “The dog looked over it last time. Let the dog lie this year and you’ll be fine.”

Last year the All Schools Day button was hidden in McPherson. This year it was hidden in Canton.

CLUE 4: “It’s majestic and the schools of McPherson County have two. Seek the older one for wisdom and riches.”

This clue references the eagle, which is the mascot for Canton-Galva High School and Elyria Christian School, Canton-Galva being the older of the two schools.

CLUE 5: “Horace Greeley once told young men to go west to seek their fortune. This time, go east.”

This clue references going to Canton, which is farther east than Galva.

CLUE 6: “It’s a place with history, including its own. Like the final episode of Friends, it’s ‘The Last One.’”

The Canton Township Library was the last Carnegie Library to be built, in 1921.

CLUE 7: “Come off the trail, go north on the extension of a ‘Ridge.’ On the east side of the road between the tracks look for the red brick building. Look around, look down, and smile — You’ve found it.”

Canton is located north of the Santa Fe Trail. Main Street in Canton is an extension of what in Harvey County and south into Wichita is Ridge Road. The Canton Township Library, a red brick building, is on the east side of Main Street between the Union Pacific Railroad and where the Santa Fe ran at one time. The medallion was in a clear plastic bag behind a gutter drain pipe at the southeast corner of the library.