An intense storm came through the Pratt area Thursday night bringing high winds, same hail, lightning strikes and some cloud rotation but no tornadoes.

A severe weather system moved through Pratt County late Thursday afternoon keeping storm spotters for a couple of hours as high winds and a some hail hit the area.

Pratt County Emergency Manager, Tim Branscom, said he received a few reports of hail from quarter to half dollar size with some smaller sized hail reported at various locations across the county.

Spotters did see some rotation in the clouds and there was a report of a tornado south of Cairo from the public but no storm spotter confirmed the sighting. The National Weather Service in Dodge City reported the area in question was more likely producing gustnadoes and that's how it appeared on radar, Branscom said.

Spotters reported wind gusts of 50 to 55 mph but no wind damage was reported in Pratt County. Branscom said a shed door was blown off in Stafford County, probably from outflow from the storm and a semi truck was blown over in Barber County when the weather front came through.

Lightning did hit an eastbound 2015 Chevrolet truck driven by 31-year-old Amanda Davidson. The lightning disabled the pickup and caused smoke from cooked electrical systems. Davidson called for fire trucks because she thought the truck was on fire but it was just smoke from the fried electrical systems. An ambulance was called to check out Davidson, who is pregnant, for smoke inhalation.

Another lightning bolt set a wheat field on fire about three miles south of U.S. 54 in western Pratt County at 130th SW Avenue. Units from the Cullison fire department and from Kiowa County responded to the fire that was quickly extinguished.