A pair of transformers were damaged with one catching fire after a vandal shot them with a rifle.

The Pratt County Sheriff Office is investigating shooting damage to a pair of transformers in northwest Pratt County.

One of the transformers was damaged so badly, it caught fire. The incident was reported Monday, July 3 and the located on NW 40th Street near NW 60th Avenue.

Adam Weseloh, lineman for Southern Pioneer, said the transformers had been shot with a rifle, causing the cooling oil to leak out and one of the transformers to overheat and catch fire. The second transformer had no fire damage. A third transformer on the pole was not shot. The bullet holes were visible on the two damaged units.

The fire scorched a small area of the pole next to the burning transformer. Other elements connected to the transformers were also damaged.

The transformer serves an irrigation system and this is the second time the electrical system had been vandalized. Weseloh said that someone had shot the control panel on the same pole years ago.

The transformers reduce the feed from the 8,000 volt line down to 240-480 volts. Cost to replace the transformers, including parts, labor and travel, is $1,020 per transformer.