Skyline is trying out a new education plan, Kansas Can, that will be aimed at each individual student.

Bringing a new learning format to life will help prepare Skyline for the future that waits for them. Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers presented "Kansas Can" to the Board of Education at their regular monthly meeting July 10.

In Kansas Can, the key is that every student is involved, its not a select group. The bar has been set high and Skyline needs some altitude to reach that bar, Flowers said.

"We have plenty of room for improvement," Flowers said.

The Kansas School Board has been working on Kansas Can for over a year. Parents and businesses helped develop what a successful graduate looks like. With this program in place. Kansas will lead the world into success with every student. This will require individual plans of study for every child in grades eight to 12.

New success goals have been established and students will be expected to develop in these areas to reach the goals:

• Academic preparation.

• Cognitive preparation.

• Technical skills.

• Employability skills.

• Civic engagement.

This will lead to outcomes that cover pre-K to grade 12.

• Social growth.

• Emotional growth.

• Kindergarten ready.

• Industry certification for high school or two years later.

The school is already implementing Kansas Can and the outlook is good.

"I'm excited about it. The direction will going will result in great things for kids," Flowers said.

The Kansas Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments for in the Gannon Case that determines if schools in Kansas are receiving adequate funding. Flowers said she would keep a close eye on this decision to see what impact it will have on Skyline.

The Legislature passed an education bill that would mean Skyline would get an extra $240,000 but enrollment is expected to drop 10 to 13 students at $4,000 a student so the gain from the education bill will not be as much as it could be.

What ever happens, Skyline still doesn't have a budget and this is the latest in the year this has occurred, said Flowers who told the board they would have to have a special meeting in August to get the budget passed before school starts.

Budgets will have to have a stronger emphasis on at-risk students in the coming year. Skyline already keeps accurate records on at-risk but now it will be even more important for accurate reporting.

"We have to be accurate for at-risk. They will be coming out to check," Flowers said.

For 2017-2018, Flowers said one goal was to improve communication with the district patrons. She wants to make sure everyone is aware what is going on in the district.

The BOE officers for the next year are President Rex Robinson and Vice President bob Kenworthy.

In other action:

The Board approved a contract for Kenny Eddy as high school boys head basketball coach for 2017-2018.

The Board approved contracts for Lawana Robinson, Stacie Tharp and Jane Biles as teacher's aids for 2017-2018.

The Board accepted the resignation of Karen Wilcox as school nurse.