2017 Pratt County Fair 4-H clothing project members gathered at the fair building to showcase their skills at constructing, buying and modeling clothing earlier this month.

Put 33 clothing project members, 3 expert judges, a few club project leaders and numerous volunteers together and the result is an outstanding collection of functional and beautiful clothing, as seen Friday in the Pratt County Fairgrounds 4-H Building.
“In the buymanship project the kids have to fill out a cost per wear form that they then discuss with the judge,” said Pratt County Extension Agent Jodi Drake. “It helps them keep track of how much they spend, how they justify what they spend and what their plans are for the garment they chose.”
Buymanship project members modeled outfits ranging from prom dresses to sport attire and pajamas. Participants ranged in age from 7 years to seniors in the 17 and 18 year age categories, both boys and girls. They were judged on how well the items fit and if they had spend their money wisely.
Clothing construction project members took their investment one step further and purchased fabric, patterns, and other supplies needed to make their choices, then completed the project to the best of their abilities and modeled them for judging purposes. They were judged on their sewing skills as well as usability.
Pratt County 4- clothing project members participating in judging activities in the morning on Friday, then gathered again in the evening at the Pratt Community College to model on the Carpenter Auditorium stage and learn their placings and ribbons earned.
Results were as follows: junior girls buymanship - Grand Champion Allie Hoeme, Reserve Grand Champion Hayden Riffey; intermediate girls buymanship - Grand Champion Haley Spitzer, Reserve Grand Champion Emma Roadhouse; senior girls buymanship - Grand Champion Ciara Hodgkinson, Reserve Grand Champion Jenna Fitzsimmons; boy junior buymanship - Grand Champion Lane Crowdis, Reserve Grand Champion Kaden Barker; boys senior buymanship - Grand Champion Jarrett Bates, Reserve Grand Champion Jay Crowdis; clothing construction - junior Grand Champion Ava Chad, Reserve Grand Champion Hayden Riffey; intermediate Grand Champion Madeline Drake, Reserve Grand Champion Bailey Hittle; senior Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Ciara Hodgkinson.