Pratt Regional Medical Center is in good financial health for 2017.

Pratt Regional Medical Center is in fine fiscal health and doing very well. That was the report the Pratt County Commissioners received at their weekly meeting Tuesday at the commission room in the Pratt County Courthouse.

Alan Waites, PRMC vice president for finances officer, said for the last 10 months, the hospital was doing very well and they were showing a favorable revenue of $4.5 million. Operating expenses were also below budget by $935,000.

The hospitals net income for the period was $682,000 to the good and that was exceptional news because the hospital had anticipated a loss of $900,000 plus for the same time period.

"Our cash flow is very strong and we are very happy. We are very pleased with our finances," Waites said.

Susan Page, president and chief executive officer, said their sales tax receipts continue to be above predicted levels. While the amount above the predicted level is not as much as in previous months, it is on the positive side. So far, the overall amount above the predicted revenue from sales tax is $1.4 million.

The revenue from the sales tax is paying for half the hospital bonds while the hospital is paying for the other half, Page said.

There was some discussion about refinancing the hospital bonds in the future if the market indicators were favorable.

The hospital will host a retirement party for Dr. Bill Jennings. The party is set for 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 21 in the cafeteria. Page said two doctors from the Cancer Center of Kansas will be taking on Jennings duties. Dr. Quoc Truong and Dr. Christopher Dakhil will have leased space at the hospital.

"We feel blessed to continue that service," Page said.

Darcie VanDerVyver, director of Public Health, continues to work on a contract to remodel two health department rooms. The original payment contract did not meet the approval of the commissioners and VanDerVyver reworked the contract so the payment schedule is one third at the start of the first room, one third at the start of the second room and one third at the completion of the project. The commissioners approved the revised pay schedule and it will be presented to Dan Shumway of Dan Shumway Construction who was previously approved for the project.

The previous contract had a quarter payment upon contract signing, a quarter payment at the start of the first room and final payment at the conclusion of the project. This pay schedule did not meet the approval of the commissioners so the revised payment schedule was established and approved.

Both Shumway and the Commissioners have to sign the contract before the project can begin.

The Health Department is awaiting arrival of their flu vaccine and will begin providing vaccinations when the shipment arrives.

DeWayne Bryan, executive director of the Pratt Health Foundation, has purchased signs promoting kayak rental at the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake. There will be three signs worth $900 total and they were paid for by a grant. These are nine feet tall feather signs and will be placed along the highways that connect to the lake and one at the lake itself.

This is the first year for kayak rentals at the lake and Bryan said they averaged one rental per session. He would like to expand the rentals if possible.

There was also discussion about renting paddle boats and that would be a possible addition. Storage for paddle boats will be needed and more discussion on the matter will be held at future meetings.

Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White announced the purchase of new uniforms for his officers. Deputy Ryan Laney was presented to the commissioners wearing the new uniform and Sheriff Lt. Cole Schmidtberger provided the description. The new Class A uniforms are less military looking than the previous uniforms and look less like the Kansas Highway Patrol uniforms, Schmidtberger said.